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Coop Gift Cards will be available for purchase at the March 4th parents meeting

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Steeped Tea products will be available for purchase at the March 4th parents meeting

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Support the SWC Band program


To all SWC Band Parents:

A Note About Fundraising from the Band Parent Council.

As part of our annual activities, the Sir Winston Churchill band programs need to raise funds. That isn’t always a welcome part of being in an organization, so the Parent Council thought it might be helpful to share how much we’re trying to raise, and for what purpose.

This year, our target is to raise $5,000 (which is $50 for each of the band members this year).

We use the money to keep the band’s equipment in good condition and to add instruments. There’s not enough money from the school board to provide all we need for our excellent program. Last year we spent $3870 to buy a new instrument and helped cover various fees and costs associated to running the Band program.

How do we raise the money? We offer items for sale, and sell items, where a portion of the money come back to the Band. 

To raise $50, the Band Parents must:

- Sell (or buy) $200 of Purdy’s chocolates (we get 25% of revenue)

- Sell 5 ADMazing coupon books ($10.50 per unit)

- Buy $1000 in CO-OP gift cards (we keep 5% of the value)

- Buy $125 of Steeped Tea (we keep 40%)

- Donate $52 through PayPal (below) (we keep about 97%)

It’s easy enough and it helps a great deal. Kids and families that ‘lean in’ to help the band also get a stronger sense of belonging to the team. Please ask your band member to keep you up to date and see if each and every one of us can make $50 (or more) to keep our bands looking, and sounding, good for years to come.



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